(bubbles) (wanthe_girlad) wrote in lint_free,

still trying

Still trying to get the ball rolling. Someone else, you post too.

These are the lyrics too the accordion and cello song so far:

Two thousand seven hundred eighty three
Two thousand seven hundred eighty three I'll drive
In a thousand cars
In a thousand hours
As far from all my forward gears one book on tape will take me in a
Thousand hours in a
Thousand cars
You're doing all the voices, and narrations, illustrations of the
Ha ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha I'm laughing at you
You look at me
Crimescene examining
Evidence withholding
To protect
Your precious
Your precious
Eye Witness
And there's no protecting your defense
We went to Harvard we know how to fence
And it's

An unfinished song.
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